Regarding art as a complex and sensory “device” that cultivates the power of imagination needed to survive in the coming age, AIT offers programs to discover unexpected inspiration and hidden richness in art through a series of learning and workshop programs. Total Arts Studies extends our learning program, MAD, which was begun in 2001 as a pioneering further learning program in Japan.

‘Premium’ courses are online learning based, with recorded lectures and live seminars. In 2021 we will offer two course series: Art Experience in the Age of Collapse by Roger McDonald, 4 courses of six lectures each released over one year, and Art and Children, Mental Health, and Experimental Learning by Naoko Horiuchi, also 4 courses of six lectures each released over one year. The courses will be in Japanese, but Roger plans to record an English version of his course too, so please stay in touch for this.

AIT aims to build an educational system that is accessible to all members of society through a low cost ticketing initiative, tailored programs and rolling out transcripts of lectures for people with hearing disabilities.