AIT Press has been launched

AIT is pleased to announce the launch of AIT Press, a self-publishing project.

The first book to be commemorated is Roger MacDonald’s long-awaited book, “DEEP LOOKING – A Guide to Deep Observation to Revive the Imagination,” scheduled for release on June 30.

Through the concept of “deep looking,” we will consider “observing” anew. It will be a good guide to learn from the practices of artists who have created innovative expressions, and to unclench our entrenched reality.

Roger McDonald is the program director of TOTAL ARTS STUDIES (TAS), an online course at AIT that trains the imagination and creativity through artistic thought and practice, while learning about life, adaptation, and spirit in uncertain times. This book, DEEP LOOKING, is linked to the “Art Experience in the Age of Collapse” course, one of the programs in TAS Premier, and can be viewed together to learn more about the subject.