Arts from a Holistic Perspective

AIT is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by six art curators and managers with the aim of creating a platform for learning, dialogue, and thinking open to anyone interested in contemporary art.

As AIT approaches a quarter of a century since its establishment, we find ourselves in an age where each of us must consider an environmental crisis of immeasurable proportions, human rights issues, global epidemics and other multilayered challenges facing the world today. In particular, the effects of the ongoing global climate crisis are so serious that it is said all life on earth will be forced to live under unprecedented environmental changes in the near future.

To this end, AIT will move forward into the next 20 years with a concern for the creation of a sustainable society through art and culture, using the experience and knowledge it has accumulated thus far while working together with collaborative partners around the world.

Focusing on holistic living that AIT has pursued in recent years, and regarding art as a “tool” that cultivates imagination and wisdom vital for survival in an increasingly complex and sensory age, AIT will consider the future and the role art can play in creating new communities.

AIT Environmental Responsibility Statement (ERS)


Organization Profile 

AIT aims to provide a place for artistic expression open to citizens of all nationalities, and to promote art and culture through international cooperation. AIT also aims to contribute to public interest by undertaking activities for citizens related to the learning, pedagogy and dissemination of art and culture, and activities that promote welfare through art and culture, with a focus on contemporary art.
The main pillars of its activities are as follows:

  1. Educational programs based on contemporary art (public and online lectures, workshops, art tours, etc.)  
  2. Invitation programs for overseas artists and researchers, and exchange programs for domestic artists (residency support, production of artwork, and research assistance) 
  3. Planning and management of contemporary art exhibitions, symposiums, and related programs 
  4. Conducting research into, and providing information about, art and welfare
  5. Providing art consulting related to art and culture, and planning services according to individual social needs


May 2001

Incorporation in May 2002
Founding members: Yuko Shiomi, Roger McDonald, Keisuke Ozawa, Yoko Miyahara, Fumihiko Sumitomo, Yasufumi Nakamori

Board of Directors 

Chair, Yuko Shiomi
Vice Chair, Fumihiko Sumitomo|Associate Professor, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Vice Chair, Yoko (Miyahara) Kirikawa|Secretary to the Senior Advisor, Mori Art Museum
Vice Chair, Naoko Horiuchi
Director, Yuko Nishiyama|Representative, YN Associates
Director, Fumio Nanjo|Senior Advisor, Mori Art Museum
Director, Yasufumi Nakamori|Senior Curator, International Art (Photography), Tate Modern



* To artists and curators interested in AIT’s Residency Program: Thank you for your interest in AIT’s Residency Program. Currently, we do not do open calls for the residency program.