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AITキュレーター企画 タイと日本のアーティストのグループ展「Shuffling Spaces」(チェンマイ)

AITキュレーター企画「Shuffling Spaces」展
2015年2月8日(日)- 2月15日(日) 11:00 - 21:00 *入場無料
Venue: Gallery Seescape (チェンマイ、タイ)

Shuffling Spaces展 チラシ

このたび、AITのキュレーター堀内奈穂子が企画した、国際交流基金主催の展覧会「Shuffling Spaces」を、チェンマイのGallery Seescapeにて開催いたします。本展は、タイと日本の作家4名によるグループ展です。


'Shuffling Spaces' features four artists and an artists group from Thailand and Japan who will present a variety of new works including video, installation, and performance.
The works in this exhibition present different interpretations of physical and imaginary spaces, urban environments, and social situations; allowing us to consider how we can gain autonomy from modern day society.
In conjunction with the exhibition, artists will be joined by guests from academia and the general public in presenting talks relating to the theme of 'drifting'. The events will be open to the general public and will offer a platform for those in attendance to discuss the ideas that emerge from the various presentations.


展覧会名:Shuffling Spaces
会期: 2015年2月8日(日)- 2月15日(日) 11:00 - 21:00 *入場無料
会場:"Gallery See Scape"
    22/1 Nimmanhemin Rd. 17, Suthep Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
オープニングレセプション: 2月8日(日)18:00 - 21:00
参加作家:Surajate Tongchua, Paphonsak La-or, Nuttapon Sawasdee, Takuro Kotaka
コラボレーター:Atikom Mukdaprakorn (Mute Mute)

[Exhibition Outline]

Shuffling Spaces
Sunday, February 8th - Sunday, February 15th, 2015
11am - 9pm *Free Admission / Open Daily
Opening Reception: 6pm - 9pm on Sunday, February 8th
Venue: Gallery Seescape
Organised by: The Japan Foundation
Co-organised by: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Supported by: Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Artists: Surajate Tongchua (Thailand), Paphonsak La-or and Kritchnun Srirakit (Thailand), Nuttapon Sawasdee (Thailand), Takuro Kotaka (Japan)
Curator: Naoko Horiuchi (Arts Initiative Tokyo)
Collaborator: Atikom Mukdaprakorn (Mute Mute)

* The exhibition is part of The Japan Foundation's Run & Learn Program.

*Presentations will be held at the following times:
4pm - 6pm on February 9th
6pm - 8pm on February 10th
Guest speakers will include Thasnai Sethaseree (CMSI artist and Midnight University contributor), along with the participating artists and their collaborators.

Surajate Tongchua (Born 1986, Bangkok)
"Win Win Project" / 2013/ Performance / Motorcycle taxi with driver, Sticker, Vest

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University. Tongchua's works explore the relationship between physical space and human life; span the mediums of sculpture, painting, video, installation, and interactive works. For this exhibition, Tongchua will present 'WIN WIN 1 Km Project', a work that builds upon a project previously conducted in a small community in Chiang Mai. The new project will take place in the Nimmanhemin area of the city and will provide public transport in the form of motorcycle taxis. The service will be free of charge, however passengers will be invited to discuss places or topics of interest with their driver. At the end of each ride, passengers will be presented with a souvenir sticker. 'WIN WIN 1 Km Project' aims to connect strangers and raise social awareness through the exchange of ideas. The work also reflects upon some of the issues currently facing Chiang Mai - traffic congestion, lack of infrastructure, and overcrowding as a result of tourism.

Paphonsak La-or and Kritchnun Srirakit
"Ram Space" / 2011, 2013 / Experimental Space

- Paphonsak La-or (Born 1981, Nonthaburi)
Graduated from the MFA Program at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, where he went on to work as a guest instructor and co-advisor. La-or worked for The Land Foundation in Chiang Mai from 2011 to 2014. Often political in nature, La-or's work focuses on social hierarchies and the living conditions they produce. Having collaborated with a number of artists in the past, this exhibition will see La-or work with Kritchnun Srirakit to create 'Re-Laboratorium', an experimental platform for young artists. The platform will allow artists to create works that relate to the interpretation of society, culture, and everyday life in Chiang Mai. Taking the form of a movable structure still construction, 'Re-Laboratorium' will function as a space for collaboration andexperimentation; allowing artists and visitors to encounter the unexplored aspects of the city.

- Kritchnun Srirakit (Born 1980, Chonburi)
Graduated from the BA Program at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. In 2009, Srirakit undertook a residency at Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park (Shiga, Japan) as part of The Japan Foundation's "JENESYS Programme: Invitation Programme for Creators". As an artist that often works with ceramics and has previously developed experimental spaces, Srirakit will work collaboratively with Paphonsak La-or to create "Re-Laboratorium".

Nuttapon Sawasdee (Born 1989, Bangkok)
"Sound of Nothing" / Collaboration with the composer Piyawat Louilarpprasert / 2014 / Performance

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art at Bangkok University. Often taking the form of public space intervention, Sawasdee's work uses ordinary narratives to reflect the hidden structure of the social environment. In 2013, Sawasdee produced 'Sound of Nothing', a video work that saw the artist record the silent voices of statues and monuments located in Bangkok's museums and public spaces. The work reflected upon the way in which silent objects are given meaning through history and myths, in turn affecting our perception of their inanimate nature. The voiceless voices were later reinterpreted to form a musical composition, which was later performed by a classical quartette. For this exhibition, Sawasdee will create a Chiang Mai version of 'Sound of Nothing', for which he will present a video work based on his recordings in the city, and a performance at the opening on February 8th.

Takuro Kotaka (Born 1984, Tokyo)
Traveling Africa with a Potato" / 2010 / Video

Kotaka is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work references the everyday experiences of the people he encounters whilst travelling. His journeys to Indonesia, Thailand, Africa and other parts of the world have resulted in video works and performances that address issues of cross-cultural communication, otherness, history, rumours, and narrative. For this exhibition, Kotaka will spend three weeks in Chiang Mai producing a new video work. Based on rumours surrounding 'Mr. Tanaka', a Japanese man who travelled Thailand as a backpacker, the work will consider the fantasy of travel and the realities that face travelers who venture to Thailand on soul-searching journeys.