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Tharmakrishnar Krishnapriya

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Tharmakrishnar Krishnapriya
(Born in 1987, lives and works in Jaffna, Sri Lanka)
Thermakrishnar Krishnapriya

Krishnapriya's practice traces the losses of those she has missed in her past, and also act as reminders for forgotten memories and a sense of self. She works mainly with drawing, painting, collage and drawing using nails pressed on paper and board without any distinctive colour. Many dots and lines outline her individuality and identify particular times of her life such as childhood, emphasising an inner-heart empathy.

Tharmakrishnar Krishnapriya obtained her BA in Art and Design at Jaffna University in 2012. Recent exhibitions include, "Seven Conversation" (Saskia Frenandi Gallery, Colombo, 2015) and Contemporary Artist Meeting Point (Colombo, 2015) along with group exhibitions at Jaffna University. In 2013, she was involved in the exhibition "Artefacts from Jaffna", conducted by Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong and Raking Leaves which is a local non-profit independent publisher. Most recently, she has organized letter press workshops with inherited methods and tools from her father.

"Dots make Lines, Lines make Diagrams, Lines also show the direction of my life, my past, my dreams, my selection, my losses and gains" - Thermakrishnar Krishnapriya

Stay: May 9, 2016 - Jul 28, 2016
Co-organized by: The Backers Foundation

"Truth to Truth", Ink on canvas, 2016

"Impression 2-1", Nail drawing on tracing paper, 2015

"Impression I", Embossed Paper, 2015

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