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Rosa Doornenbal

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Rosa Doornenbal
(Born in 1988, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Rosa Doornenbal

The artistic practice of Rosa Doornenbal shows an interest in formal, cultural and social aspects that influence the appreciation of objects in everyday life. The parallel of this in the art world - the viewer's experience of sculpture - is central in her work. She works in a variety of media creating detailed circumstances that reveal the interrelationship between viewer, object, equipment, tool and sculpture. With a critical and playful attitude she often treats the exhibition space, with its already formulated codes of behavior, as part of her work. In her most recent works the process of creation becomes a subject as she explores issues of craftsmanship and what artisthood could mean today.

Rosa Doornenbal obtained her BA of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2013. She also has a background in Cultural Studies of which she obtained her BA at the University of Amsterdam in 2012. Recent shows she participated in are 'Wilful Blindness' at W139 in Amsterdam and 'Aspen Kemmern' at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga, Latvia). She also co-organized the group show 'And then it just happened' at Inter Arts Centre in Malmö (Malmö, Sweden) in 2014.

Blog "wabi-bijin"
The blog 'wabi-bijin', designed by Mislav Žugaj, represents the two sided interest that Rosa Doornenbal will elaborate on during her residency period. One part of the blog displays her research on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the way this is shaped by Buddhist notions of esthetics, philosphy and spirituality. Another part of the blog can be seen as a reaction on contemporary conceptions of beauty that are represented in popculture and anime esthetics. The content as well as the design will be changing and shifting constantly to explore these notions from a digital perspective.

Stay: January 13 - April 11, 2016
Founder: Mondriaan Fonds
Exhibition: "Non-self" The exhibition by Rosa Doornenbal
Date: March 26 (Sat) - 31 (Thu) 12:00 - 19:00 Venue: Higure 17-15 cas (Tokyo)
Opening Reception: March 26 (Sat), 18:00 - 20:00 *19:00 - Performance Lecture by the artist

The workshop (2015)

The workshop (2015)

Still from the video "Hunnybunlookingforsculpture" (2014)

Still from the video "Hunnybunlookingforsculpture" (2014)

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