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Kanitha Tith

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Kanitha Tith (Born in Cambodia)
Kanitha Tith
Photo by Rattana Vandy

Kanitha Tith was born in 1987 in Cambodia. She graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh with a BA in Interior Design. She has widely exhibited in major venues accross Cambodia, including the French Cultural Centre, the Bophana Centre, Meta House, Java Gallery and Hotel de la Paix. Recently, she took part in SurVivArt (2012) at Meinblau and Mikael Andersen galleries, Berlin. In parallel to her art practice, Tith collaborates on film (with French-Cambodian filmmaker Chou Davy) and music (with the American-Cambodian band Dengue Fever) projects and is active as a costume designer. In 2010 she was awarded a honourable mention at the inaugural You Khin Memorial Women's Art Prize.

Tith's work revolves around the production of sculptures and installations that investigate the possible relationships between the artist's personal experience and memories and her environment, namely the fast-changing landscape of Cambodia. Her sculptural work made of woven metal strings are informed by her childhood memories and combine her interest in the relationship between human and non-human form with spatial strategies that straddle Tith's domestic sphere with the public arena. The material used by the artist - metal strings, found traditional cooking stoves or collected objects belonging to her neighbours - pertains to the realm of daily Cambodian material culture. By so doing, Tith questions the status of the artist and its potential to engage with issues of community, gender and women's identity. The artefacts created by Tith thus act as documents of the effects of the economic and social development in Cambodia on the private and urban spheres, on the individual and her environment, and formulate a visual poetics that evoke the possibility of change.

Stay: May 14, 2015 - Aug 7, 2015
Co-organized by: The Backers Foundation
Upcoming Exhibition:The BAR vol.8 (The Backers Foundation and AIT Residence Programme) "Today of Yesterday" New works by Rattana Vandy and Kanitha Tith from Cambodia (Saturday, July 11 - Saturday, July 25, 2015 at YAMAMOTO GENDAI)
Opening reception: 18:00 - 20:00, Saturday, July 11, 2015 at YAMAMOTO GENDAI

Season of Cambodia, Transparent Studio at Bose Pacia, NYC
photo courtesy: Pete Pin

"Endlessly"(2011), Photo by Heng Ravuth

"Untitled" (2011), Photo by Heng Ravuth

Installation view of SurVivArt project "Hut's Tep So Da Chan" (Berlin)

SurVivArt project (Phnom Penh)