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Albert Samreth

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Albert Samreth (Born in 1987, USA)

Albert Samreth

Albert Samreth is a conceptual artist who after graduating from the famed California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) that served as a base for the Conceptual art movement in the 1970's, has spent the past three years traveling. Because of this constant travel, Samreth has developed a studio practice based around engaging with natural and systematic processes such as using the currents of the Pacific Ocean to create paintings or the engaging with the extreme Cambodian sunshine to transform materials over time. His larger projects, such as 'The Voice (2014)' in the Singapore Biennale or 'Divine Intervention (An Act of God) (2014),' in the forthcoming Moscow Biennale of Young Art, continues this line of thought. In Singapore, he sought out the voice actress Carolyn Hopkins to read poems in an audio installation. While her name may not be familiar, Hopkins' voice is one of the most listened to on Earth. Her voice is most notably used to announce the entire New York City subway system and nearly every airport on the planet. In Moscow, he is training an African Grey Parrot to announce news phrases as it sits atop an oil palm tree from its native Africa. This will be the first time the parrot has encountered such a tree having come from a long lineage of domestic parrots who arrived to Russia as pets many generations ago though it is its favorite kind of perch in 'the wild.' The parrot will live in the museum for the entirety of the exhibition.

For his two person exhibition in Tokyo at Yamamoto Gendai, Samreth plans to work with natural indigo dyes, Tokyo's summer rain, and rice.

Exhibitions (Selected)
・Singapore Biennale 2013, Group Exhibition (Singapore Art Museum, Singapore / 2013-2014)
・Poster Problem, Group Exhibition (Otras Obras, Tijuana, Mexico / 2013)
・The Joy of Fear, Group Exhibition (The Impermanent Collection, Los Angeles, California / 2013)
・...Know Know, Solo Exhibition (SA SA BASSAC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia / 2013)
・Bring Your Own Beamer, TRANSMISSION, Group Exhibition(MoCA, Los Angeles, California / 2012)
・Non-Profit, Self-Titled, Solo-Projects, Solo Exhibition (CalArts, Valencia, California / 2012)

Stay: May 16, 2014 - August 8, 2014
Co-organized by: The Backers Foundation
Exhibition: The BAR Vol.7 (Sat, July 12th - Sat, July 26th, 2014 at YAMAMOTO GENDAI)
Artists interview Download(PDF / 2.3MB)
Publication: Download(PDF / 1.9MB)

Albert Samreth
Shock and Awe (2013)
Fireworks organized ten years after the initial shock and awe campaign in Iraq on the night of 19 March, 2013.

Albert Samreth

Albert Samreth
Pacific Ocean Water Colors (2014-)
A painting shown in progress holding natural pigment dyes on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California, 2013.

Albert Samreth
Continuity Drift, 2012
Abstract grafiti made with colored smoke bombs at the site of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty.

Albert Samreth
A Millions Years Can't Be Wrong (Parentheticals), 2012

Albert Samreth
Civilization (2013), croissant, ants

Albert Samreth
Albert Samreth
Civilzation (2011), birdseed, pigeons