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Simon Gärdenfors

Simon Gärdenfors (Born in Sweden, 1978, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden )


Born in 1978 in Malmö, Sweden. Lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He works as a comic book artist, but also as a rapper and a radio host. His comics are drawn in a round icon-like cartoony style, although their content is often realistic or autobiographical. He has published 4 graphic novels, as well as several short pieces for the Swedish comic anthologys Galago and Rocky Magasin. His book Simons 120 dagar published in English as The 120 Days of Simon in 2010. In 2008, Gärdenfors hosted a six-episode series on ZTV titled The Simon Gärdenfors skräpkultur-show (The Simon Gärdenfors Junk Culture Show), with each episode focusing on a different category of "junk culture" such as candy wrappers, comics, and pinball. http://gardenfors.blogspot.jp/

Stay: October 3, 2012 - December 28, 2012
Founders: IASPIS
Event: Artist presentation (closed)

NATTO (detail), 2012