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Workshop: Meri Nikula Voicing Your Body II

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Voicing Your Body - Part 2

AIT is pleased to host the second voice-body workshop by Meri Nikula on
OCTOBER 9 at AIT Room, Daikanyama, 19:00 - 21:30.
Meri Nikula was AIT artist in resident with support from FRAME and The
Finnish Institute in Japan during early 2009.

Following her very successful Voicing the Body workshop held in April, Meri
is back to lead another session of breathing, movement & voice, inspired by
Qi Gong and yoga as well as contemporary dance and experimental vocal

We will start with relaxing and warming up of the body and getting gradually into
the voice, moving into group improvisation exercises and experiments.

The workshop is a fun and self-revealing 2.5 hours, and no previous dancing or
singing experience is necessary. This workshop goes deeper from the Voicing
Your Body (Part 1), but newcomers are also welcome!
Please wear or bring loose clothes.

The workshop will include some simple instructions and explanations in
English by Meri.

[Meri Nikula biography]
Born in Finland (1977) . Meri graduated in June 2007 from The Royal Academy
of Fine Arts in the Interfaculty Image and Sound/ArtScience in The Hague, The

Date and time: Friday October 9 2009, 19:00 - 21:30
Organized by :  Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
Venue: AIT room Daikanyama

2009-10- 9

12 Hour Museum

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12 Hour Museum – ‘ArtxCommunityxEco’ – Panasonic Center Tokyo, Video archives, original commission posters by Makoto Aida, Tadasu Takamine, Muneteru Ujino performance, workshop by Hiroshi Fuji, Chikara Matsumoto performance, EAT & Art café etc, March 4-5, 2006.

2006-3- 6