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Minglius: Istanbul Biennale Report

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FRIDAY DECEMBER 18th, 19:00 – 22:00 / FREE ENTRY

AIT will host the final Minglius event this year!!
From 8pm, there will be a few talks as follows.

 11th Istanbul Biennale Report
   Started in 1987, the 11th Istanbul Biennale "What Keeps Mankind Alive?"(Sep-Nov, 2009)
    was directed by WHW / What, How & for Whom,a curative collective of 4 female curators.
    AIT staff, Naoko Horiuchi will give a talk of her visit to this biennale.
    Istanbul Biennale URL: http://www.iksv.org/bienal11/anasayfa_en.asp
    AIT members Keisuke Ozawa and Roger McDonald will also briefly look back on the art industry
    this year of both Japan and overseas.

 Published: “AMERICA MADE” by Arcus Project Director, Mizuki Endo
   Director of the Arcus Project, which has an artist in residence program in Ibaraki prefecture,
    has published a book which is a collective of interviews he has done to get a better understanding of
    a country he has long shunned; America. Interviewees include the famous Takashi Murakami, Yuko
    Hasegawa(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Curator), and more.
    Mr. Endo himself will give a brief talk, and the books will be on sale.
    URL: http://03150.net/tontuu/2009/11/post.html *Note: The book is published in Japanese only.

As usual, there will be a bar, tasty snacks and drinks will also be served.
Bring along your friends for a night of fun with art, good food/drinks and music!

Date: Friday December 18th, 2009
Time: 19:00-22:00, Talk Events begin 20:00
Venue: AIT room Daikanyama


Minglius: ARCUS 2009


MINGLIUS WITH ARCUS 3 “3 Artists with ARCUS Director Mizuki Endo”

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13th, 19:00 – 22:00, FREE ENTRY
Following our successful Minglius collaboration with ARCUS last year, we
welcome the 2009 artists in residence to AIT to make short presentations
about their works and hear from ARCUS Director, Mizuki Endo. The
presentations will be translated consecutively into Japanese from English.

As usual, there will be a bar, snacks, a relaxed sitting on the floor environment
and music.

This year’s artists are:
・Daniel Seiple (Born in 1973, US/Lives and works in: Berlin)
・Doreen Uhlig ( Born in 1977,Germany/Lives and works in: Berlin)
・Wu, Shang-Lin( Born in 1977,Taiwan/Lives and works in: Taipei)  

To know more about them, visit ARCUS website!  http://www.arcus-project.com/en/residence/

MINGLIUS WITH ARCUS 3 “3 artists with ARCUS Director Mizuki Endo”
Date: Friday November 13th, 2009
Time: 19:00-22:00, Mini Talks begin 20:30
Venue: AIT room Daikanyama