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Dec. 5th, 19:00-: AIT ARTIST TALK #55

"Horror Vacui - Fear of Empty Spaces" by Swedish artist, Michael Johansson
Monday, December 5th 2011, 19:00 - 21:00 *Booking required

AIT is happy to host a talk by the current artist in resident, Michael Johansson on Monday, Dec 5th.

Michael Johansson is the 2011 IASPIS artist in resident with AIT, staying in Tokyo for three months. Johansson's works are sculptural installations using everyday objects stacked in highly complex formations so that they become almost solid geometric forms, reminiscent of Minimalist sculpture. An avid collector of 'things', Johansson's art practice is intimately connected to his interest in place as a point of departure and research. Johansson has said that his dense sculptures and the city of Tokyo share a certain parallel in terms of being 'packed'. In this talk the artist will speak about his works using images. The title of the talk evokes a contrasting emotion to his interest in density.

The talk will be in English with consecutive Japanese translation by AIT staff.

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