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AIT Library (AIT Room, Daikanyama, Tokyo)




MAD stands for Making Art Different.

MAD is one of AIT’s core programs, initiated in 2001. It is a contemporary art school, with no formal affiliations to institutional educational establishments. Anyone can attend, and there is no entry requirements, only a keen interest to learn and discuss. The courses are fee-based. MAD accounts for the majority of AIT’s annual income.
Core tutors and course directors are AIT's founding members Keisuke Ozawa and Roger McDonald. We also invite guests to lecture, from curators, critics, artists, gallerists, museum directors and academics.
All lectures will be in Japanese, so knowledge of at least spoken Japanese is required.

MAD 2011

MAD enters its tenth year with a major overhaul of its syllabus and course structure. We have decided to abandon courses per se. Instead students will be able to choose which lectures they wish to take from a total number of 111. Lectures will be bought as a package from 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 111.

While we will no longer offer formal courses, we have decided to organize the lectures along nine categories: Curatorial Studies, Art Basic, Art/ Non Art, Art Industry, Artist, Forums, Art Picnic, Art Nuts and Workshops. Students are free to select lectures from any category and make up their own course of study. This overhaul was spurred by the increasing demands from our students (who are mostly working people) for a more flexible and individually catered school structure. All lectures - except Art Picnic which will involve museum and gallery visits - are held in AIT Room in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Most lectures are held in the evening between 19:00 - 21:00. For more detailed information of lectures and schedules, please see AIT's website and click on MAD site. The information is in Japanese only.

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