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AIT ARTIST TALK #68 "From the History of Battle to Reconciliation and Love"

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AIT ARTIST TALK #68: "From the History of Battle to Reconciliation and Love"
Artist Talk by Chaw Ei Thein (Myanmay/Burma) and Krishnapriya Tharmakrishna (Sri Lanka)
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 13 2016, 19:00-21:00

Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT] is pleased to present AIT ARTIST TALK #68 by two women artists Chaw Ei Thien (Myanmar/Burma) and Krishnapriya Tharmakrishnar (Sri Lanka) who are currently in Tokyo through the residency programme with the support of The Backers Foundation and AIT.

This artist talk is organised in conjunction with the exhibition, "Healing and Loving", which will be on view from July 9 to 23 at YAMAMOTO GENDAI.

Chaw Ei Thein (b. 1969)
(Image left: Chaw Ei Thein)
has been a prominent artist for many years working in Myanmar, also known as Burma, creating paintings, sculptures and provocative public performances which comment on the situation of women's experiences and a situation of brutal oppression and dictatorship. Since her residency to New York supported by Asian Cultural Council in 2009, Chaw Ei Thein is currently in exile and based in New York and was unable to return to her country until the recent democratic elections in Myanmar/Burma.

Krishnapriya Tharmakrishnar (b. 1987)
(Image: Impression 2-1, 2015, Nail drawing on tracing paper)
is an emerging artist lives and works in the northern Sri Lankan city of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, which experienced fierce fighting during the civil war from the early 1980s. The loss of family members and home forms a powerful ground for her works which largely take the form of paper based drawings and prints. Many dots and lines outline her individuality and identity from particular times of her life such as childhood, emphasizing an inner-heart empathy. "Healing and Loving" exhibition in Tokyo will be the first time showcasing her previous works in addition to the recent works she produces during this residency period.

Both Myanmar/Burma and Sri Lanka have brutal history of battles in the past and these two artists have experienced them directly in their youth. At this artist talk, their stories behind the works will be shared with us and tell how these women artists see their countries after all these years with dramatic changes in the political landscape and take them into their artistic practices.

We hope that you can join us for the artist talk and "Healing and Loving" exhibition at YAMAMOTO GENDAI.

[ Outline ]
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 13 2016, 19:00 - 21:00 (18:30 Door Open)
Venue: AIT Room Daikanyama (Twin Bldg. Daikanyama B-403, 30-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku)
Moderator / Translator: Roger McDonald
Capacity: 20 *Booking Required
Admission: JPY1000: General / JPY800: 'Base Members' and Students / Free: 'House Members' and 'Support Members'
Others: 1 free drink / This talk will be in English with consecutive translation.
Organized by: Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
Co-Organized by: The Backers Foundation

[ Reservation ]
To book your seat, please send an email with its subject as "AIT ARTIST TALK #68" to otoiawase@a-i-t.net, including your name, and contact.