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Guatemalan Film Screening and Talk

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Guatemalan Film Screening and Talk by AIT Artist in Resident, Alberto Rodriguez Collia
Date and Time: Sunday August 4th, 2013 12:00-18:00
AIT Room, Daikanyama
Left(Tom&Bottom): "The Devil's Dream"
Right(Top): from "Marimbas from Hell" Right(Bottom): "Distance"

AIT is pleased to host a filming event and talk by current Artist in Resident, Alberto Rodriguez Collia from Guatemala.

Through 3 small and intense film screenings, we will present a small but precise glimpse of the Guatemalan society, broken and forced but with a strong heart that is provided from the marginalized.

The political and economical power do not recognize the importance of culture and also try to diminish it, despite that, the society keeps producing and living culture with an underground attitude because it´s on their blood, it's one of their keep-living-motifs.

These small budget, passion-produced films are also the best examples in cinematography from Guatemala, each will have a small introduction and conversatory to explain details of this complicated society by Collia.

There will be a casual session with the artist, with some handmade Guatemalan snacks. We hope you can join us.

※Films will be shown in Spanish, with English subtitles
※Talk will be in English with consecutive translation into Japanese

Guatemalan Film Screening and Talk by AIT Artist in Resident, Alberto Rodriguez Collia
Date and Time: Sunday August 4th, 2013 12:00-18:00 (Door Open 11:45)
Venue: AIT room Daikanyama (Twin Bldg Daikanyama B403, 30-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Capacity: 20 per film
Entrance fee: Comes with 1 drink
For 1 film - 800 JY
For 2 or 3 films - 1500 JY
*Half of entrance fee will be contributed to the 3 filmmakers in Guatemala

[How to participate]
There is no booking required.
Please come directly to the venue and pay entrance fee at the door.

[Event Schedule]
Open 11:45 
Talk #1 12:00-12:20
Film #1 12:20-13:40 "Marimbas from Hell"
<Break> 13:40-14:10  
Talk #2 14:10-14:30
Film #2  14:30-15:40 "Devils Dream" 
<Break>  15:40-16:10
Talk #3 16:10-16:30
Film #3 16:30-17:50 "Distance" 
Close 18:00

[Introduction of Films]

Julio Herna´ndez Cordo´n / Guatemala / 2010 / 78 mins.

In Guatemala City contradictions converge in spaces and situations that challenges our imagination. This semi-documentary story represents these encounters and struggles that take place in a society that hates changes. Don Alfonso, a Guatemalan traditional marimba player, Blacko a heavy metal band member and Chiquili´n, a sui-genris-rapper and ex-gluesniffer, seek to create a new musical project due their economical crisis. Their effort to get along will be overwhelmed by the contradictory situation of non-acceptation in society.

Mary Ellen Davis / Guatemala-Canada´ / 1992 / 68 mins.

From the Guatemalan Trilogy, this is a documentary with important historical value, held at the end of the 80's, shows the traces left by Civil War in Guatemalan society and approaches the discourse of what happened at the time of the Peace Agreements, when many of the Civil War actors covered their traces. Film that narrates through poetry the darkest era of a society.

Sergio Rami´rez / Guatemala / 2011 / 75 mins.

Toma´s Choc, a widowed farmer from Guatemala's highlands, has been searching for his daughter ever since she was kidnapped as a baby during the country's civil war. When, after 20 years, he receives word that she is alive, he sets out on a journey cross country to meet her. Gently, beautifully observed and subtly ingenious in its evocation of the horrors of the past, this is an immensely moving and emotionally satisfying film.

[About the artists]
Alberto Rodríguez Collía (b. 1985, Guatemala)
Beto Collia Graduated in 2007 as engraver from Escuela de Arte 10 from Madrid. Co-founded (together with La Torana and Mario Santizo) the Taller Experimental de Gráfica, the first workshop dedicated for engraving in Guatemala (2007). Collía uses archive's images (newspapers, television commercials, documentaries, video clips and the internet) to produce video works, drawings and collages. Selected exhibitions: "Estampida", Des.Pacio gallery ( San Jose, Costa Rica(2012), "Central American Biennial", Nicaragua (2010), "Auction 08", Museum of Latin American Arts , Long Beach, California(2008). Currently exhibiting at "Divided Against Ourselves" New works from Allegra Pacheco and Alberto Rodriguez Collia ( July 13th-July 27th, 2013 at YAMAMOTO GENDAI)

Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
T03-5489-7277 / F03-3780-0266

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