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"Artists, film, pixels and chemicals" by Finnish artist, Jyri Kaasinen
Monday, January 16th, 19:00 - 21:00 *Booking required *Talk will be in English with consecutive translation

"Stubborn", 2007

AIT will host a talk by the current artist in resident, Jyri Kaasinen on Monday, Jan 16th.

Jyri Kaasinen is a Finnish media artist working mainly with photography, currently artist in resident with AIT through the support of FRAME and the Finnish Institute in Japan.

Over nearly ten years one of Jyri's projects has been capturing portraits of people who operate in the field of creative professions: artists, musicians, graphic designers and such. In his photos these individuals are often shown outside of their working identities or artist trademarks.
Never really leaving the house without a camera he's also able to capture "treasures of everyday life": details or views he finds in public spaces. He looks for a subjects of poetic quality that are able to evoke a story in the viewer's imagination within one frame.
His work is related to documentary and photojournalism, but he approaches the subject with artistic freedom to use any available photographic tool or post processing technique. In his talk he will also show some of his more experimental output.

The talk will be in English with consecutive Japanese translation by AIT staff.

Date and Time: Monday, Jan 16th 2012, 19:00 - 21:00
Organized by: Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
Funded by: FRAMEFinnish Institute in Japan
Venue: AIT Room Daikanyama (Twin Bldg. Daikanyama B-403, 30-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku) [ MAP ]
Capacity: 30. Booking Required.
Admission: JPY1000 (JPY800 for Students and AIT Base Members / Free for AIT House and Support Members)
Other details: Admission comes with 1 free drink, talk will be in English with consecutive Japanese translation

Send an email with its subject as "AIT ARTIST TALK #57" to otoiawase@a-i-t.net, including your name, and contact.

[ Jyri Kaasinen BIOGRAPHY ]

Jyri Kaasinen, born 1979 in Nurmijärvi, Finland. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.
Studied Media Art in Tampere University of Applied Sciences: School of Art and Media, Tampere, Finland, graduated in 2004. Studied Visual Journalism at the same university in 2008-2009.His early artworks are paintings, drawings, animations and media art pieces with programmed content. After picking up photography in 2000 it becomes the base for his working. He has spent working periods abroad in St.Petersburg and various other locations in Russia in 2002-2003 and as Artist-in-Residence in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2009. www.luonnoskirja.net

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