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Tuula Narhinen


'Tracing Wind and Waves - the Pencil of Natural Phenomenon'

Tuula Narhinen was artist in resident at AIT for two months with the support of FRAME and The Finnish INstitute in Japan. She was the fourth artist from Finland to be hosted by AIT.

Tuula's works cross the boundaries of installation, photography, biological research and tool-making. In several works she uses fundamental photographic techniques of tracing images onto photo-sensitive surfaces. In other works she has intervened into the wilderness in order to create 'drawings' with animals or with wave patterns. The resulting works are often shown together with their processual materials and instruments.

Tuula has exhibited her works in museums and galleries, including Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland and Gallery Sculptor, Finland.

Tuula worked on a new project in Japan called 'Bokeh', using kanji script and camera lenses.

For more information see her website.