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Simon Starling

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AIT ARTIST TALK #45: "Journeys to the Memory of Place"
by British Artist Simon Starling

AIT will host a talk by the British artist Simon Starling on March 31st, starting 19:00.
This talk is supported by The Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, where Simon
Starling will hold a one person exhibition in 2011.

Simon Starling (b.1967) was the winner of The Turner Prize in 2005, and is currently in Japan
visiting Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo researching towards his exhibition next year.
Starling uses various research methods to draw out episodes and histories, exposing
the changing relationships, conflicts and mobility of culture.
His works manifest the passage of time and processes. This research based attitude
is perhaps similar to the anthropologist or explorer who journeys towards some truth.
In this talk Starling will introduce his works, which extend the horizons of the imagination
and contemporary art now.

Date and Time: Wed., March 31 2010, 19:00 - 21:00
Organized by: Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]/ Supported by: The Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art
Venue: AIT Room Daikanyama 


Abdellah Karroum

 "Exploring Passages and Creating Spaces, The Allers/Retours Experiment"
A Talk and Live Discussion with Morrocan Curator Abdellah Karroum

AIT is pleased to host a unique curators talk and radio presentation with
Moroccan curator Abdellah Karroum. Abdellah is curator in residence at AIT
for one month with the support of the Backers Foundation.
Radio has been a key medium of research and curatorial practice for Karroum,
whose `R22(RADIOapartment22)` radio project has been initiated in many cities around the world.
AIT hope to host `R22` in Tokyo as on ongoing project.

Abdellah Karroum (b.1970) is one of the most active young independent
curators working in the African continent today. He is the founder and
artistic director of several art projects, including “L’appartement 22”, an
experimental space for encounters, exhibitions and artists’ residencies
founded in 2002(Rabat, Morocco), and the art expeditions project Le Bout Du
Monde, and a series of art publications, éditions hors’champs.

Karroum has curated numerous exhibitions for “Le CAPC Musée d’art
contemporain de Bordeaux”, and was one of the curators for the 2006 DAK’ART
Biennial for African Contemporary Art. He was one of the curators of the
'Position Papers' at the Gwangju Biennale 2008 directed by Okwui Enwezor. He
initiated the laboratory "Art, Technology and Ecology" at ESAV-Marrakech
(Film School) since 2009.

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 29 2010, 19:00 - 21:00
Organized by: Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
Co-Organized by: The Backers Foundation
Venue: AIT Room Daikanyama


Takashi Ishida

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2010-3- 8